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Icons & Dreams

Your icon posting community

Ours and your icons
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About the moods

Hi, we are Mara and Cecy..two lovers of graphic design who invites to post
and paticipate in a icon posting community with regular challenges.

Eveyone is invited..there is only one condition: Enjoy!!

For posting

• This community is only to show your icons or other artwork.
I will delete any post without an icon, or a header, a blend etc...

• You MUST use teasers in your post to this community.
If you do not I will delete your entry without warning.

• Two or three teaser icons, then please put the rest of them behind a cut (I accept fake cut).
If you do not. I will warn you then delete your post.

• You should use TAGS. This way other users can find quickly the icons that they are searching.

• Credit in the keywords, if it's not an icon you made, credit the maker.

For the challenges

* Always 4 categories:
-TV Serie
-Actress/Actor - Singer
-Free theme (only 2 icons)

* You can do 4 icons per category

* You need to be a member to participate

* If you are a member of icons_dreams,
you can propose one challenge (with the 4 categories) for the people.
(If you propose one challenge, you can't participe on it)

* not more than two challenge entries per week

* 3 as minimum, 5 photos as maximum (by category)
and/or a link to the images is needed.

* The person who proposes challenge must judge the icons

* If somebody wants to judge, that he could request it replying to the post
(he should put "challenge" at the subject)

some doubt?


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More credits in: mara83's userinfo